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8. January 2024

The successful talent source for companies: qinX and its secret for top specialists

Finding the best talent is crucial for any company, especially in industries such as life sciences and digitalization, which are constantly evolving.
qinx - talent placement - recruitment agency - qinX Feed - The successful talent source for companies: qinX and its secret for top professionals

Finding and hiring qualified specialists and managers can be a major challenge. As a recruitment consultancy, qinX specializes in identifying these high-calibre candidates and recruiting them for clients in the DACH region.

“We know the most high-profile specialists and managers who are actively looking for a new position in the life sciences or digitalization industry. As qinX, we also recruit targeted candidates who are a perfect fit for your position.”

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at how qinX has become a successful talent source for companies and the secret behind its ability to find the perfect candidates.

The expertise of qinX

One of the keys to qinX’s success is its in-depth expertise in the life sciences and digitalization sectors. Our company has a dedicated team with a resilient network and a strong knowledge of people, markets and industries. We understand the specific requirements and challenges that companies face in these areas.

This expertise enables us as qinX to actively search for specialists and managers who not only have the necessary qualifications, but also the industry-specific knowledge and experience that are crucial for success in the respective company.

Active candidate search

qinX goes one step further by actively searching for the most high-profile talents and using modern personality diagnostics to examine their soft skills in addition to their professional expertise. Our company has built up an extensive network of contacts in the DACH region and uses this network to identify potential candidates.

Through this active candidate search, qinX can ensure that we have access to the best talent available on the market. We don’t just rely on job advertisements or applications, but are proactive and innovative in our search for those who can offer real added value for our clients.

Tailor-made recruitment

Another key to qinX’s success is its ability to recruit precisely. This means that we not only look for candidates who have the necessary qualifications and experience, but also ensure that they are a good cultural and personal fit with the companies they are being approached for.

Professional successes are ensured and closely scrutinized through references and documents provided.

Through this holistic approach, qinX ensures that the candidates we place are both highly competent and can be seamlessly integrated into the corporate culture and the team. This is crucial for the long-term success of the recruited specialists in their new positions.


Being the successful talent source for companies in the DACH region requires more than just searching through CVs. qinX has proven that transparency, efficiency, innovation, market knowledge and human cooperation are the keys to success.

If your company is looking for the best talent, qinX could be the solution you need.

With an in-depth understanding of industries and the ability to offer customized solutions, qinX can help you find the right professionals and managers for your team.

After all, success starts with the people who drive your company forward.

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