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27. March 2024

5 questions for Rolf Fricker

With our qinX Special “5 questions for…” we offer insights from experts from various industries every month. Experienced personalities give us a look behind the scenes and answer five selected questions.
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Our expert special starts with Rolf Fricker, Partner Health & Life Sciences Europe at Oliver Wyman.

Thanks to his many years of extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, he not only provides exciting insights, but also innovative approaches that stimulate discussion.

1. from your perspective, what is the outlook for your industry over the next 12 months?

The life sciences industry remains largely independent of economic fluctuations and is therefore only marginally affected by cyclical influences. Despite some limitations such as cost pressure, supply resilience and a lack of talent, the overall outlook is positive. The outlook is particularly positive in the medium and long term. The ageing population in developed countries and the increasing demand for improved healthcare in less developed countries are contributing to this.

2. how do you think the working environment and staff have changed since the pandemic?

Although the staff have not changed, the working environment has undergone significant changes. The increased demand for home office options, the shortage of skilled workers in an industry with high qualification requirements, the imminent retirement of the experienced baby boomer generation and the rise of Generation Z are leading to a variety of changes.

3. what do you consider to be the most important skills in a professional environment?

Suitable qualifications are still paramount, but in a globalized industry, international experience is becoming increasingly important. Personal qualities such as the ability to work in a team, empathy and emotional intelligence (EQ) also play an important role. In our environment, energy, intrinsic motivation, lifelong learning and a high level of motivation are also required.

4. How do you assess the further development of AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken a top position on our customer agenda. It is used both to optimize processes and to consolidate resources and also serves as a competitive advantage. Nevertheless, there is a need to significantly increase productivity, as the preparation, quality and systematic use of data often still lags behind.

5. Where would you be today if not here?

I would be a professional soccer player or simply at the beach.

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