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25. April 2024

5 questions for Gloria Seibert

With our qinX Special “5 questions for…” we offer insights from experts from various industries every month. Experienced personalities give us a look behind the scenes and answer five selected questions.
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This month, Gloria Seibert joins our expert special. Gloria is the founder and CEO of Temedica and offers exciting insights.

1. From your perspective, what is the outlook for your industry over the next 12 months?

The healthcare industry is currently experiencing significant changes due to a number of trends that affect both the type of care and the quality and efficiency of processes and structures. Trends such as GenAI and automation are not only forcing the individual players to optimize existing processes, but are also leading to far-reaching structural changes. These developments make it possible to automate entire areas, allowing the human focus to shift to other relevant aspects.

With Temedica, we have created an innovative ecosystem that generates new insights by combining a wide variety of data sources and making them accessible to all stakeholders in the healthcare sector. We access a wide variety of information sources, merge individual data silos and generate valuable new knowledge in this way. We see that the integration of new findings into the various segments of the healthcare system creates considerable added value and contributes to more comprehensive, more effective patient care.

2. How do you think the working environment and staff have changed since the pandemic?

The pandemic has significantly changed the nature of collaboration and human resources. We have successfully switched to a hybrid working model, which enables us to grow our team across regional borders. We combine physical presence with remote work in order to combine the advantages of both worlds. The new setup has enabled us to increase our efficiency and we are delighted that we now have “Temedicans” from over 21 different countries working for us.

At Temedica, we are convinced that the combination of “onsite” and “remote” is needed to maintain a healthy culture and way of working. That’s why we still have a great office in Munich and put a lot of energy into activities that bring Temedicans together outside the virtual world – be it through regular meetings or special events. In this way, we maintain and strengthen our corporate culture and the feeling of togetherness. For me, this mixture of online collaboration and real encounters is the secret recipe for a working world that will still be around tomorrow.

3. What do you consider to be the most important skills in a professional environment?

I am firmly convinced that the key to success lies in finding the right balance between pleasant cooperation and ambitious goals. We have tough discussions about content, but are human and friendly in our dealings. In recent years in particular, I have seen time and again that these two dimensions tend to become blurred or are even practiced in the opposite direction: this not only damages general satisfaction, but also costs the company success. In my view, it is difficult to achieve entrepreneurial success without a strong culture and outstanding leaders.

Another key aspect for us is to always keep our vision – personalization in healthcare – in mind and not to be discouraged by the challenges that arise. We have found many locked doors and then found the ones that open in the end. This conviction still motivates us today, even if the general conditions in the healthcare industry do not always make life easy for us.

4. How do you assess the further development of AI?

The development of AI is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating advances of our time, especially since the breakthrough of Open AI last year. This has triggered a comprehensive change in all sectors of industry, with AI as a key technology for future economic success. For us at Temedica, it is important to work out which topics are rather short-lived trends and where technologies with real added value are emerging. We have actually been working with AI for many years, and it has been integrated into our products for a long time.

5 Where would you be today if you had taken a different career path?

I would probably be at a similar point to where I am today: entrepreneurship is my passion and I hope that I would have come to this point via other routes. I really enjoy my role, making things happen, working with inspiring people and breaking new ground.

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